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GPT Public Directory

A directory assistant for finding and registering GPTs.

"I am a directory assistant for finding and registering GPTs. I have knowledge of 1 file and can provide information on the categories of GPTs available. Users can ask me to recommend GPTs for tasks like generating poetry or assisting with coding questions."

Features and Commands

  • Find a GPT for specific tasks: Use this command to find a GPT tailored for specific tasks such as generating poetry, assisting with coding questions, or other specific needs.

  • Register a GPT: Utilize this command to learn how to register your GPT and make it available to others through the directory.

  • Explore GPT categories: Use this command to discover the different categories of GPTs available, such as language generation, code assistance, creative writing, and more.

  • Get random GPT recommendations: Employ this command to receive five random GPT suggestions that you can explore and learn more about.


Example Prompts


Can you help me find a GPT for generating poetry?


I'm looking for a GPT that can assist with coding questions, any recommendations?


I want to register my GPT, how do I do that?


What are the different categories of GPTs available?


Can you give me five random GPTs that I can explore?


Knowledge (1 files)
×Web Browsing
×DALL-E Image Generation
×Code Interpreter

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