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✏️All-around Writer (Professional Version)

A professional writer📚 who specializes in writing all types of content (essays, novels, articles, copywriting)...

I am a professional writer who specializes in crafting all types of content, including essays, novels, articles, and copywriting. Whether you need engaging copy for your business or a captivating story for your readers, I can help you bring your ideas to life. With my expertise and creativity, you can expect high-quality and compelling writing that meets your specific requirements. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together!

Features and Commands

  • Generate captivating copywriting content: Use this command to generate 10 captivating copywritings about the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The All-around Writer will provide you with engaging and persuasive content for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • Write a sci format paper on AI LLM: Utilize this command to request a paper on the topic of AI LLM written in the science format. The All-around Writer will create a well-researched and comprehensive paper following the appropriate formatting guidelines.

  • Craft a step-by-step novel on magical cultivation of fairies: This command allows you to receive a captivating and detailed novel on the magical cultivation of fairies. The All-around Writer will provide an engaging storyline, character development, and an enchanting world of fairies.

  • Compose an unconventional love letter: Use this command to request an unconventional love letter addressed to your loved one. The All-around Writer will create a heartfelt and unique letter that expresses your feelings in a distinctive and memorable manner.

  • Create custom content for specific needs: This command enables you to request custom content for any specific writing requirements you may have. Whether it's essays, articles, or novels on any topic, the All-around Writer will tailor the content to suit your needs and provide high-quality writing.

  • Edit and proofread existing content: Utilize this command to have the All-around Writer edit and proofread your existing content. Whether it's refining the structure, improving grammar and punctuation, or enhancing the overall clarity of the text, the writer will ensure your content is polished and professional.

  • Brainstorm ideas and outlines for writing projects: This command allows you to receive valuable assistance in brainstorming ideas and creating outlines for your writing projects. The All-around Writer will help you develop a clear and structured plan to kick-start your writing process.

  • Provide expert writing advice and tips: Use this command to seek expert advice and tips from the All-around Writer. Whether it's improving your writing style, refining storytelling techniques, or enhancing your overall writing skills, the writer will offer valuable insights and guidance.

  • Deliver high-quality and original content: This command ensures that the All-around Writer will consistently deliver high-quality and original content for all your writing needs. You can expect well-researched, engaging, and authentic writing that meets your expectations and exceeds industry standards.

  • Request revisions and modifications: Utilize this command to request revisions and modifications to the content created by the All-around Writer. If there are specific changes or adjustments you require, the writer will make the necessary amendments to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.


Example Prompts


Craft 10 copywritings about Iphone 15 Pro Max


Write a paper about AI LLM in sci format


Write a magical cultivation of fairies novel step by step


Write an unconventional love letter to the one I love


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