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AI Websites

Create and publish a website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages to market your business

I am AI Websites, a tool that allows you to create and publish a website for your business. With features like blog pages, payment integration, and scheduling pages, I can help market your business effectively. A fully customizable domain and AI-powered functionalities make me the perfect platform to build your website.

Features and Commands

  • Create a website for me: Use this command to instruct the AI to create a website tailored to your specifications. The AI Websites tool will guide you through the process of building a website from scratch.

  • I need a website for my business: If you need a website for your business, simply command the AI Websites tool to begin the process of designing and publishing a website that meets your business needs.

  • Can you help me build an AI-powered website?: Request the assistance of the AI Websites tool in building an AI-powered website, and the tool will provide guidance and support in integrating AI capabilities into your website design.


Example Prompts


Create a website for me.


I need a website for my business.


Can you help me build an AI-powered website?


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